Maiden Voyage to History

Finished this one the other day. Monotype with hand application of inks added.
I used a different ink this time, just for the heck of it: Schmincke Aqua Linoldruck, a water-based ink.

On the plate I wanted it a bit runnier but instead of adding water I put a drop of Akua’s blending agent in. Yeah, I know, oil and water are not supposed to mix, but it worked really well.

The image depicts the Titanic setting out on her ill-fated maiden voyage, with suitably dark skies ahead foreshadowing her demise. Fun fact, in case you are wondering why there is no smoke coming out of the rear funnel: The Titianic only had three working smoke-stacks. The fourth was for ventilation and design aesthetics only.

Image size is 8″x10″ on 9″x12″ sheet of Bockingford, 140lb hot press watercolour paper.The second photo shows what the image could look like framed with a mat.

Available from me directly, or in my Etsy shop here:



  1. Glen……I’m remembering when I first ‘met’ you via the internet….I think you were just doing lino cuts then (in printmaking terms) but NOW look at yah – doing all sorts.!!!! Can’t help feeling this would look fab if it was a lot larger but….that’s just me. Keep up the good work…

    1. Yes, indeed! Thanks. The basic idea for this was in my mind but it was the haphazard monotype application that brought the image out. If I were to attempt it larger I think it’d have to be a painting. Having said that, I built myself a 12-ton bottle jack press and have been making photopolymer gravures with it, a couple of drypoints as well. No linocuts for a while. Now experimenting with monotypes which combines my love of painting with printmaking. Have you been up to much? I’m not sure how recent your “recent” works are on your website?

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