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An Open Letter to Glen Liberman of Kinekt Design

This is an open letter to Glen Liberman of Kinekt Design

Apparently I’m not allowed to call this ring a “Gear Ring”

Sterling Silver Mechanical Ring photo 1

Ring a la Gear








which was my original title (simply because it sort of looks like a gear) because Patent Troll Glen Liberman of Kinekt Design served Shapeways with a “cease and desist” order since they have trademarked the name “Gear Ring” (as well as Gear Necklace, if anyone’s interested). AND it was served just one day after I uploaded the design. If that doesn’t indicate obvious patent trolling with NO human thought behind the ludicrous action now being taken I don’t know what does. Glen claims that Shapeways (through my shop) is “trying to sell a counterfeit item and is in violation of Kinekt and Gear Ring registered domestic and global trademarks” because of their design below:
gear ring









Wow, yeah the two designs look exactly alike – to a blind person!!

Glen, look for your name to be bandied about many different online forums from this point forward. I hope Kinekt Design likes the good will this sends to your company. Feel free to sue me for all my profits from this ring which wouldn’t even buy you a lunch. That’s if you can prove in court an infringement of the words GEAR and RING for a product that LOOKS NOTHING LIKE YOURS!

Taken from the Kinekt Design website (don’t sue me for stealing, Glen): “By obtaining intellectual property in the form of copyrights, trademarks, and patents, Kinekt is able to stay true to their mission and present you with their best possible designs.”

No, Glen, what that does is prove you are a petty-minded little man.

I understand the need to copyright and trademark products and names but when a product that bears NO resemblance to yours (hell, it’s a stretch to call it a gear) is being sold by a very small designer in a huge sea of designers with next to no profit, is attempted to be shut down, well that just smacks of corporate jack-assedness.

Judging from the number of actual design lookalikes on Pinterest – – you must be a VERY busy man trying to get papers served on numerous designers around the world.

Hey, Microsoft, why don’t you sue Kinekt for using that name and bringing your name to disrepute!

Merry Christmas, you little Grinch.


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