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3D Printing of Blood Vessel Networks

Interesting short video on the latest breakthrough in 3D Printing – creating blood vessel networks.

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White House commissions report on 3D Printing

Discovered from Shapeways Blog here.

The White House recently commissioned a report on the developing technology of 3D printers and printing.

From the report’s introduction:

“For a few thousand dollars, anyone can buy their own personal-scale manufacturing
machine, download electronic blueprints to their home computer, and manufacture
unique and complicated objects at home. Personal manufacturing machines, or
“fabbers,” are the pint-sized, low-cost descendants of mass manufacturing machines
used in factories. Different types of small-scale manufacturing machines such as 3D
printers, laser cutters, and programmable sewing machines, combined with an
electronic design blueprint, enable people to create a wide range of objects. People
that have no special skills or training can “rip, mix and burn” physical objects such as
custom machine parts, unique household goods, jewelry, toys, and maybe someday,
electronic devices.”

The report goes on to explain that 3D printing is in the stage that personal computing was in the 70’s and advises:

“This report provides an overview of today’s emerging personal manufacturing
technologies, their societal and economic impact and benefits, their future, and their
dangers and challenges. We offer several recommendations to ensure that these
emerging technologies fulfill their social, economic, innovative and educational

Full PDF report can be downloaded from here.

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Shapeways Introduces Silver – the company that prints my designs – just recently introduced .925 silver as a new material they offer. They put together a gallery of items they have printed in silver and my Bucephalus Horse was one of them! It looks great, I think. Direct link to the model in my shop.

Bucephalus Horse in .925 Silver

Bucephalus Horse in .925 Silver


3D Printing Explained

3D Printing Spurs a Manufacturing Revolution” was published by The New York Times on 13th Sep., 2010 and reportedly became the most emailed article a couple of days later. If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing take a look at this fun 4 minute animated video that explains where we are now and where the future is headed
FULL PRINTED link here

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