Innunguaq – monotype

I created this monotype in Nov 2019 and hand-coloured it with watercolour paint.

The image depicts a fairly common sight in northern Canada, that of an Innunguaq. I used to think that they were called Inukshuks, but apparently when they take the form of a human they are called the former.

First photo shows entire 8″x10″ watercolour paper with image slightly smaller. Printed with Akua Intaglio inks. For anyone not familiar with ‘dark field monotypes’, typically a glass or plastic plate is inked up with a roller (brayer) and then the artist removes ink with fingers, brushes, cloth, ear-buds, or just about anything really. Ink can be partially or completely removed. In this case I actually removed a lot of ink. A sheet of paper is then placed over the image and run through the press. Only one print can be made (other than a “ghost print” occasionally) and as such is a unique work of art.

Hand-coloured monotype

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