Vikings Pendant in Sterling Silver

** UPDATE – I have created a larger version of this in Pewter (cheaper, too!). Link to the page HERE.


Any fan of the popular TV show “Vikings” will hopefully recognise this pendant. Created in solid sterling silver and then hand-finished with an aged patina. The pendant has three bails on the reverse allowing the chain to hide along the rear. Has a sterling and my maker’s mark on reverse also.

This one is available directly from me for $85, or with no patina you can purchase from my shop on Shapeways from this LINK.

Vikings Pendant
Vikings Pendant


VIKINGS poster
VIKINGS poster


  1. I was wondering if the is for sale still and if 4 birth stones could be added to the right side if the V?

    My wife is looking for this exact pendant with both stones for her 50th birthday in August!


    1. To answer both your questions, Steve: Sorry, but the oxidised version you see here has been sold. An unoxidised version in sterling silver is available here –
      It is not available in white gold (it might be possible but would be very expensive). I cannot add stones to the model as is because the silver thickness would only allow for shallow stones.
      It may or may not be of interest, but just before I saw your messages I was working on a larger version that I plan on casting in pewter – a modified version could indeed be modeled to hold stones. If that does interest you I suggest following my Blog to keep updated on that progress. It would be available well before August, hopefully.

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