Secret Love Pendant

I designed this pendant to look like a heart with a contemporary feel to it, but if you turn it side on you see the word LOVE spelled out…

If you like this concept but would like another word – perhaps someone’s name – please get in touch with me at gslinger at rogers dot com.

Click on the second image to see a rotating view of the pendant and then hit the back button on your browser to return here.

Secret Love Pendant
Secret Love Pendant






  1. i really like this piece , it’s exactly what I am looking for. what is the actual size ? available in gold ? have it by christmas ? price ?

    Thanks , Tim

    1. Tim, I really appreciate the interest. As luck would have it I have just this very minute(!) posted a message in the forums of because I have had to remove this from sale. It was successfully made in stainless steel but when someone wanted it made in silver it got rejected due to some design issues. Shapeways are continually improving their standards and operating requirements and I’m afraid this has a small flaw under their new standards. I’m hoping to redesign but this won’t be available before Christmas.

      My apologies for that.

    1. Hi, yes I could get this done in silver for you and easily by mid-April. I have updated the model since I first created it. I will send you an email with details.


  2. Hi Glenn,

    I am very interested for this secret of love and would like to make silver, could you pls let me know how much is it??

    Many thanks,

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