Contest Entry

16 May

Below is my entry into Shapeway’s “Co-creator Contest”. The contest involves an entrant designing a template that a buyer can download in order to put his or her own design into part of whatever it is the entry consists of. In my case I revised my Breastplate jewellery and made it bigger (there was a monetary range in the competition). My entry allows the customer to put their own design into the middle of the breastplate outline.

Edit: 15th Aug., 2010, I have created one of these in 24kt gold-plated stainless steel which is available on my Shapeways store for US$70.50, or in White, Strong and Flexible for US$14.23

24kt gold-plated stainless steel.

24kt gold-plated stainless steel.

Custom Breastplate

Custom Breastplate

Full details of the competition that ends on 31st May can be found here:  [Update edit: I won the competion!]

Example of a Gorget

Example of a Gorget

Prenominal breastplate

Prenominal breastplate

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