Breastplate armour changed over the centuries from practical life-saving full-torso armour to its modern day incarnation as fashionable jewellery. The original “gorget” was to protect the neck and chest from edged weapons, and over the years became a purely decorative item to be worn over a military uniform.

Designed to be worn at chest level (hence the name!) this piece could be strung with leather or chain, and measures 9cm in width. This design in S/S would be $53 dollars, and in SWF is $12. I am planning on making this available so that the customer can design their own interior. The more material the greater the cost, though. If you are interested in your own design please get in touch with me.

As usual the S/S render shows an approximation of what the texture would look like. All other materials are smooth. The SWF material is excellent for dying (RIT brand works well) and shown here is a version in red.

The Stainless Steel material can also be plated and this render simulates a gold-plated version. In fact from now until 30th May 2010 Shapeways is offering to do this for just an extra $5 !!  See here for more info on this.

See my Blog entry for 16th May 2010 for a different version of this that won a competition on Shapeways.

(Click on photo’s for larger images)

SWF render
SWF render
SWF render in red
SWF render in red
Rendered view of Stainless Steel material
Rendered view of Stainless Steel material
Gold-plated render
Gold-plated render

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