“Sea Turtle”

** Updated 24th Nov 2019 ** – All 10 prints are now gone and I have this one Artist’s Proof left.

Tried my hand at wood engraving recently with this print. Wood engraving differs to woodcutting by the fact that engraving uses the end-grain of wood and woodcutters use plank or side-grain wood. End-grain is nicer in that there is very little grain that one has to fight with a gouge. Now, this is not a very good example of carving because I quite honestly was just trying to get used to the new tools used (burins) and I could quite easily have achieved this print through linocut. In the end the tools were not used in quite the proper way. You’ll see this in a video on my Facebook page (HandEye Originals) If you want to see some marvelous examples of engraving then you need look no further than the work of Albrecht Dürer.

This is an edition of 10 only.

Artist’s Proof – Final Print available.

Print is available in my Etsy store.

The print result
Pulling the first print using Xcut Xpress
The finished engraving
Close-up of the engraving in progress. Yes, it is supposed to be “rough” like that, but in reality I did not need to carve so deep. The tool on the left is my smallest V gouge and on the right is a lozenge burin.

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