Printing Without Ink!

Yes, it can be done. Below are a couple of small prints I made as a proof of concept. I covered the relief surface not with ink but with a dark graphite pencil! Put some dampened paper over top and run through the press and you end up with this; nicely embossed images that I’m personally quite happy with. Both are a minimalistic couple inches in size and centered on an 8″ x 10″ sheet for easy framing.

This is an open-edition print. The first print, I think, is pretty self explanatory, the second one is the word LOVE spelled out using computer binary language – L on the top and E at the bottom. I based these two prints on two pendants I designed, each of which is available in my Shapeways shop.

Available in my Etsy store.

Zodiac Symbols
What the print might look like in standard frame with no mat.
Binary Love
What the print might look like framed with no mat.

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