“One Small Step”

Final small changes made and linocut print edition of 15 complete. “One Small Step”, I think will be a recognizable image to most, but if not – it is my interpretation of the iconic first footstep on the Moon from 1969, of course made by Neil Armstrong. I remained pretty faithful to the original photo with regards to the footprint and the general light and shadow areas around it. All 15 prints have headed off to the US for the Nine in Hand Press Print Exchange shortly.

Image size is 8″x6″, printed on Strathmore Bristol Smooth.

Did you know that June 2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing?! I intend to make a limited edition set of this print with gold ink on a coloured paper (haven’t decided what colour yet, possibly light blue). I may even make it black ink on a gold paper if I can find one. As one of the very few readers of this Blog 😥 you can pre-order (no payment necessary) by contacting me and letting me know you are interested. To you the cost will be $25, but I am anticipating selling for $35. If you don’t like the final print you don’t have to buy!

“One Small Step”
“One Small Step” with linocut

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