“Midnight Raven”, “Blood Moon Raven” and “Blue Moon Raven”

I completed three variations of this print with just a handful of each. The first one came about as a result of not being able to clean off the fixative and india ink I used for the design. This resulted in a patchy inking which I thought looked like clouds. With each successive print the effect wore off slightly, so only four exist, all a bit different. I then went on to create variations with a coloured moon. The red one was a reductive ink print, and the blue was hand painted with shimmering watercolour (light reflects at different angles as paper is tilted). US$25 each in my Etsy store HERE.

“Midnight Raven” (with tight matting shown)
Print with matrix (ink on edges of print)
“Blood Moon Raven”
“Blue Moon Raven”

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