Knights Templar

I custom designed the original pendant based on images from history depicting the “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon” otherwise known as the Knights Templar; their mascot being that of a single horse carrying two knights. From there I created the mold from RTV silicon and cast the molten metal. Note that the reverse side is flat metal with no design.

I deliberately made this to appear as if it was a piece that had been made hundreds of years ago, and as such it isn’t what you might call a “perfect” item made in the thousands in some country employing workers being paid a dollar a day!

Made in Canada by myself using a mold made from my own design with “jewellers’ grade” pewter (small amount of silver, no lead, US manufactured). Stainless steel bail that will definitely not come apart accidentally.

Measures 3cms (1 3/16″) in diameter. Comes with long black leather necklace with simple tie closure that can be easily shortened or removed.

Direct link to item in my Etsy store. – US$30

Knights Templar Pendant
Knights Templar Pendant
Knights Templar Pendant
Knights Templar Pendant






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