Guitar Pick Pendant / Holder

This is an acrylic guitar pick holder / pendant, designed to hold one standard sized pick. (Will not hold oversized or “shark-tooth” picks).

There are many places on the Internet where you can purchase guitar picks and very many of them have wonderful designs (see final photo as a small sample). This is your opportunity to purchase a pendant that you can use to proudly display a pick with your favourite band displayed or any other image you prefer. Picks can be easily removed or permanently glued in, if you wish.

Available in a handful of colours: Blue (shown), Purple, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Orange, White and Black.

Simply thread through your own leather or metal chain to wear it.

Also available in metals ranging from brass, bronze, and gold or antique bronze steel and gold-plated brass, from $7 for the acrylic ones here in my Shapeways SHOP.

guitar pick pendant
guitar pick pendant

guitar pick pendant 3

guitar pick pendant 2

guitar pick pendant 4

Very small sample of guitar picks available on the Internet:

guitar pick pendant 5



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