Morrissey “1 Ounce” Silver Pendant

I had a client approach me to make a pendant similar to the one as seen around the singer Morrissey’s neck on this album photo. It was quite the challenge to get the dimensions and font style to match based on another image he sent me.

1oz pendant
1oz pendant

Before and after adding the black background.

1oz pendant
1oz pendant


    1. Hi, Justin, thanks for the enquiry. It would depend on which version you want; the plain silver or the one with black background. The silver one is US$100 including shipping to US, and the other one is $145 including tracked shipping. I’ll send you an email as well.

      1. Thats a shame, it would make much more sense if it weighed 1oz – thats kind of the point. You should create one that weighs an oz becuse I’d buy it.

  1. Hi, i did email you back also but please quote me for a black one and shipping costs to the uk.


  2. -OMG! I want one! Do you still make them on demand (-Please, please, please, say you do….)? IF so: how much do you charge these days (incl. shipping to Sweden)?

    1. Hi Pedro, thanks for the enquiry. Sorry to say that my last attempt at making one of these ended up with me losing money when I couldn’t get the black part as satisfactory as I’d like. It may be that the material I was using is too old, and I don’t make enough to justify buying more. If you’re interested in buying the pendant only, with no black background, it can be purchased here – – and, yes, it can be shipped to Sweden.

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