Alien Skull Pendant in Pewter

I’ve had more requests for pewter jewellery,so along those lines…

For any comic book fans out there you will no doubt recognise the influence behind this image, although it’s not an exact copy.

It is 1.75 inches in length and comes complete with a long black leather cord secured with a split ring so it won’t come open like jump rings can. It will fit over anyone’s head without having to be undone. The cord is easily shortened, or if you wish, you could remove the cord and replace it with a chain of your own.

This pendant was created from my own mold which in turn was made from my own model. I make one at a time, not dozens like some do using the spin-casting method. There is a considerable amount of hand finishing required and as such no two will ever be exactly alike. I use jewellery grade pewter which contains a small amount of silver but no lead or nickel.

The look of silver for a fraction of the price.

Available for US$20 in my Etsy shop HERE.

Alien Skull Pendant
Alien Skull Pendant
Alien Skull Pendant
Alien Skull Pendant
Alien Skull Pendant
Alien Skull Pendant



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