Ancient Bronze and Herkimer Diamond Pendant

** SOLD **

Okay, so it’s not an ancient artifact, but I created it with that intention; to give it the appearance of a piece of jewellery from a long gone civilization… I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of lapidarists recently who showed me their fantastic collection of rocks and minerals. I was given this piece of quartz that I had never heard of. The pendant I made using it is solid bronze and holds a double-terminated quartz known as a Herkimer Diamond in the arms of the pendant. The bronze arms were made with a small divot in each to hold the points of the quartz and then forced together in a vice to grip it. Over time the bronze will acquire a nice patina (which an “ancient” piece should have) but it could be kept clean with the occasional buffing with cloth. The quartz is firmly held in place by the metal for regular wear, but if you slammed it against a wall it might come out!

This piece measures 25mm wide, 26.6mm top to bottom and 10.9mm thick. It is only available directly from me since I have no plans to add to Etsy at this point.  Asking price is $50. Shipping in US or Canada is $7, tracked shipping $20. Contact me directly at gslinger at rogers dot com.

Bronze and Herkimer Diamond Pendant
Bronze and Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Bronze and Herkimer Diamond Pendant

Bronze and Herkimer Diamond Pendant


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