Long Dice

Long before modern dice the Romans played with Long Dice. These were made out of ivory, typically, and had designs carved onto the faces to represent the numbers. This intrigued me and I looked around the Wicked Wide World and couldn’t find any for sale. So I made one. It measures 3x1cm and I have attempted to make it fairly weight distributed by carving out six semi-spheres on each face – some on the outside and the remainder on the inside; yes, I know this isn’t perfect but it’s better than having one side with one hole and the other side with six.

The added bonus to this design is that the dice doesn’t go bouncing all over the playing surface, making it much safer for children to play with, and yet it does bounce more than adequately to produce random faces.

$5.96 in White, Strong and Flexible material from Shapeways: The one below is Polished WSF material which has a slightly more, well, polished appearance!

Long Dice - photo 1
Long Dice - photo 1
Long Dice - photo 4
Long Dice - photo 4

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