45 RPM Record Spindle Pendant

45 RPM Record Spindle Pendant for the TRUE music lover. Anyone who saw the image without reading this and didn’t know what the heck it was just HAS to be under 30 years of age! If you STILL don’t know what it is back in the days of REAL music, when a SINGLE song release was just that – ONE song on a piece of vinyl there was a large hole in the middle which allowed you to play it alone on your RECORD PLAYER, but if you wanted to stack a number of records to play following each other, then they needed to be placed on a thin spindle and thus this little piece of plastic had to be inserted to close the large hole to make the small hole available for the spindle.

This ends your history lesson for the day!

$11.97 for the one pictured below, $9.01 in white, and $21.70 in stainless steel. Direct link to the pendant HERE.

45 rpm record spindle
45 rpm record spindle

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