Ohm Symbol Pendant

Completed on request this Ohm symbol pendant is a full 4cms wide and in SWF costs $5.17, and in Stainless Steel the cost is $13.

From Wikipedia:
“Om, Aum, Ohm is a holy meditation symbol of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism with many esoteric and exoteric meanings.  In modern usage Om means the Word, the “parnava,” the eternal. Various accounts are given of its origin; one that it is the term of assent used by the gods, and probably an old contracted form of the Sanskrit word “evam” meaning “thus.”  “Om” is also the name given by the Hindus to the spiritual sun, as opposed to “Sooruj,” the natural sun.

The Om is also often referred to as the sound of the Earth…creation…the heart of existence.  To become one with the sound of the Om, through visual meditation and sounding of the vibration, allows one to become one with the source of all…to become “realized”… a “master.”  This last perspective of “Om” is how most westerners experience the “Om” and why it is used as an ending to many New Age ceremonies and gatherings.”

Edited 25th July, 2010, when I added the below photo after I coloured the item with tea (yes, ordinary tea) and then coated it with acrylic gloss.

Ohm Symbol with quarter
Ohm Symbol with quarter
Ohm Symbol Pendant
Ohm Symbol Pendant

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