Abstract Sculpture

A 6.8cm abstract “sculpture” suitable for the desktop, possibly. Approx $20 in the SWF material and $106 in Stainless Steel.

As with most of my pieces I can make this larger on request.

Sculpture 1
Sculpture 1
Sculpture 2
Sculpture 2
Sculpture 3
Sculpture 3


  1. To whom it may concern; I love the work above, and was wondering if you would produce that in a larger scale, like 4 feet tall. Please let me know, Best regards, Jay

    1. Thanks, Jay. While technically speaking this could be done, it would have to be printed in a few pieces and fabricated. While not impossible I would imagine the cost would be extremely high and not worth pursuing at this point. Of course, if you have a serious interest in this I could come up with a quote for same.

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