What materials are used in the production of the items on this site? Well, primarily, the below are my favourites, but there are many others to choose from and they can be seen here

Eye of Horus pendant
Eye of Horus pendant

    Sterling silver available in three finishes, rough polish, glossy and premium polish.3D wax print is made and then silver is cast in traditional lost-wax brass

Gold-plated brass. Uses the lost-wax process, just as with sterling silver, but brass is used  instead. This is then electroplated with nickel and, finally, a layer of 22kt gold.

White, Strong, Flexible
White, Strong, Flexible

– PA 2200

– Strong material

– Flexible

– Allows for good detail

Also comes in black, red, purple, pink and blue. You can colour this material yourself with standard fabric dyes.



Smooth surface

– High heat resistance

– Less strength

  The WSF material mixed with aluminum dust.     

Stainless Steel

– Extremely strong

– Quite detailed

– Quite smooth

 Bronze infused stainless steel.   



2014 World Cup memorabilia

Full-colour Sandstone. A full range of colours can be infused into the Sandstone material when printing. Surface has – predictably! – a fine sand-like texture.

Not for use with models that will be subjected to wear and tear due to relatively brittle nature of the material.


Ask me if there are other materials you are interested in (please see the contact page).  


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