More Photopolymer printing

I have been doing some experimenting with photopolymer printing over the last few weeks, with a fair bit of frustration along the way. This image shows the final success. On the left is the years old, many times copied and digitally moved/saved photo, printed in reverse on transparency film. Top is the photopolymer plate after processing, and right is the print I hand pulled (intaglio) on Strathmore Printmaking paper using Akua inks. Finally happy with the results so far.

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  1. Well done ……………My goodness you don’t need to tell me about the frustration of trying to get a successful outcome with this process………These are those ‘solar plates’ that you are using. Thats how e refer to them here in the UK…….At first I thought you were talking about the roll on photopolymer emulsion. And that’s much better to use than the stuff you have to laminate onto the plate in a photosensitive room!. oh by the way if you are working on a fairly small size, how about a UV unit aimed at the ‘nail art’ hobbyist – although those are pretty small…..just an idea. best wishes. Aine

    1. Thanks Aine. Sorry for the late reply; your message had gone into the Spam list. Solarplates are typically metal with p/p emulsion on the surface. What I’m using is the same process, except the emulsion is on a layer of plastic or acrylic. I looked at the roll-on type of film but that looked like a lot of work and could have a lot of problems. In addition I wanted something thicker I could use for both intaglio and relief printing. I did look at those UV units used in nail salons, but too small, as you say.

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